AMA's [email protected]

January 26 @ 6:00pm

Develop strong professional ties with great marketing practitioners!

Inviting all brand managers, marketers, creators, and communicators our monthly [email protected] networking event on January 26th. Our event will be at Lucille's at the District in Tustin.

This event is perfect for brand owners, marketing directors, business owners, product managers, business consultants, and marketing creatives -- or ANYONE wanting to improve their marketing network.

AMA OC will be providing a pre-set complimentary appetizer items including meat-lover and vegetarian options. Non-alcoholic beverages also included. Attendees responsible for purchase of their own alcoholic beverages. Free parking on site.

Limited to 80 attendees; get your tickets early.

Signature Speaker Series

Transform Your Brand Inside and Out with Culture-Centric Communications

February 23 @ 6:00pm

Featuring insights from Fratzke Consulting, Xperi, and CSUF Marketing Faculty

  • > How can you manage communications to create effective, culturally-relevant messages?
  • > How are you responding to pressures to take leadership of your company culture and communicate those decisions internally and to the market?
  • > How will you evolve your brand communications to demonstrate alignment with societal expectations of business norms?
  • > How can you stand up to consumer activism and keep your brand favored by your customers?

Come out to discover new research on combatting consumer activism from CSUF's Dr. Stephen Chen, enjoy a powerfully engaging discussion on culture-centric communications led by James and Lisa Fratzke of Fratzke Consulting, and hear testament about strategies and results seen in the field by Xperi's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Amy Brennan.

Limited to 200 attendees; get your tickets early.